Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

 Report: Huckabee is the Latest Conservative to Go After Gay Doritos

Sandy McLendon Good grief! We have issues with income, health care, immigration, tax reform and the environment, and THIS is all Mike Huckabee can find to talk about - dyed Doritos? Get a freaking GRIP, Mister!

Robb Kvašňák he just wants to get frito-layd

Michael d'Oliveira I'm dissapointed in Huckabee. It took him way too long to jump on this. His homophobia must be getting slow.

Scalia Addresses Constitution, Same-Sex Marriage in Speech

Bill Cox No, I would say that "the furthest imaginable extension of the Supreme Court doing whatever it wants" was bestowing person-hood to an artificial commercial construct.

Luimar Zibetti Garza sorta like civil rights, black and white marriage, suffrage - all rather "irrelevant" issues - even for a LIVING document as IS the Constitution. yousa abringa chame to dee italian ancestree Scalia!!! Mama Italia is a weepin' *pinches your bulbous and Santa Clause jowling cheeks*

Daniel Nistal I compare the ruling with the abolition of slavery ruling

Michael Sam Says He'd Be in NFL If He Didn't Come Out

Jordon Dahlgren I think he'll be ok. some smart progressive corporation will give him a job. perhaps as a sportscaster. I see money in his future.

Rj Petrucci He needs to stop talking about it and just play football. Starting to come off a bit delusional and self serving.

Patrick Smith He got cut from the teams because he's not all that good. That's it.