Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

City of Wilton Manors Breaks Even On Stonewall Street Festival (Story)

Stephen Devine More like no one stole embezzled money this year. That's progress.

Bill Krauter entertainment was lacking though.... if that improves next time the crowd will walk away so much more happy... dig into the community and let them guide you for who would be better... but it was a fun event overall... Wicked Manors is next... the one, that everyone I know, likes more.. we can't wait for it!!!!

Steve Johnson it was fun and well worth it for the city

Caitlyn Jenner Clears Up Support of Same-Sex Marriage (Story)

Maurice R Mizrahi Too late. No support from me. You were an asshole as a man and you are an asshole as a woman.

Ed Gillis Too careful, too calculating, and too late. Self-centered phony interested only in ratings and revenue. And there's a certain bitchy tone from her that I'm not aware she's quite yet earned. Diva wannabe.

Elthon Wolffemann DeCastillo I dont not the type of person who says if you did something i disagreed before youre doomed. No, im the type of person who says if you change for the better later in life, you know what? Go for it! Im not part of the imbecile groups of america. I open to people who learns their mistakes and now fights to change whats wrong about something. You go Caitlyn! Lets make a change and font listen to these morons.

Hedge Funder Buys Rights To AIDS Drug; Raises Purchase Price Through The Roof (Story)

Larry Prasse Such a sad individual ... Certainly is not a Christian, but probably is a Republican!!!

Stephen J. Pulley Proof of two things: health care should not be for-profit; and the "investor economy" is pure evil

Scott Caetano Karma will get the little bitch! Greedy bastard.