Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

Ghana Presidential Candidate Promises to Execute All Gays If Elected (Story)

David Steven Katz why are we giving them money? that is nuts

Sean Devaney My guess, he's had a few lollipops

Carl Szulczynski And he wonders why so many of his people are suffering and starving. His truly is a God forsaken country in which hell resides.

Family Research Council official proposes re-naming same-sex unions, "garriage" and "larriage" (Story)

Steve Johnson I'm sure these words will catch on in all the "best" academic circles

Susan Eaton Why do we still call it same-sex marriage? We don't differentiate between same-sex marriage and opposite-sex marriage, do we?

Luimar Zibetti Garza shhhhhhh.....blink and pay them no mind....they'll fade away

Caitlyn Jenner Gives Lukewarm Response to Same-Sex Marriage (Story)

Martin Talbot Caitlyn has been ambivalent towards the LGBTIQ community until she had a show to promote and sell ! LOL

Phil Lauderdale Next.

Rj Petrucci Over this one