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UPDATED: Vatican Confirms Pope's Meeting with Kim Davis, Won't Comment

Luimar Zibetti Garza such gently written "explanations" by the Vatican PR....if it crescendo's, there's another round of "clarifications" coming right up.... like clock work - Holy time is quite "flexible" you know...

Grady Scott Stephens Someone needs to translate the phrase "when you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas" into Italian and Spanish. I don't think the Pope realizes what he may have inadvertently aligned himself, and the catholic church with.

Carl Merchant Pope might agree with defiant Kentucky clerk but he don't live here----and January Kentucky will be back in session--------your Karma is coming Kim

Lesbian Couple Denied Entry Into North Miami Beach Club

Keith Nunnink But being a business owner, I also understand that profits come more easily with a larger customer base. In my business, I feel I should be able to rent to whoever I want and not do business with anyone I don't want. I don't think anyone has the right to tell me otherwise. At your bar, you have the right to refuse service to anyone, correct?

Carl Szulczynski Trying to put this into perspective. So a lesbian couple wants the right to objectify women, alongside men, in a private club. What's next? Will they show up at a gay men's bathhouse and demand entry? And does this mean men are now allowed into "the closet" and other infamously exclusive lesbian bars and clubs? There's a lot of gray area here.

Fletcher Neale So, SFGN, has missed reported again. This is not a gay issue, it's a sexist issue. You could've left the lesbian part out, or said 'who happened to be a couple.' If we gay people want to be respected as equal to everyone else, put down the gay flag when issues aren't related to being gay. I bet, if they were straight and just going out, the same thing would've happened.

Michele Bachmann Warns US May Be Destroyed Like Sodom & Gomorrah

David Elijah Maybe she'll turn into a pillar of salt.

Greg Kanter Minnesota, do something with her. She's making you look more and more like Florida, weather aside.

Neal Upright Sell your crazy someplace else loser.