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Fla. 'Religious Freedom' Bill Could Deny Medical Services

Would allow doctors to refuse gays

Michael Walters Soon, you'll find the Republican Representative who authored this caught in a truck stop restroom servicing illegals thru glory holes.

Cory Mitchell If your a gay person using a doctor that would refuse to treat gays I think your the one making the bad decision.

Ed Garcia You don't get to choose when you are in an ER. Imagine your partner is in an accident, you arrive and the doctor decides he wont treat him... would take time, precious time to get another doctor to take over. No thanks, reject this stupid law!

Anthony Mike My doctor is gay so guess I am good. BTW as an RN I can tell you that it would not matter if the bill passed because the Hippocratic Oath would take precedence and the doc could lose any board certifications and possibly their license.

Wilton Manors May Still Get a Tri-Rail Station

Anthony Cicalese Put it in WIlton manors. We have enough nonsense at Oakland and Dixie.

Paul ORourke Wilton Manors would be my choice . . . with all the condos and new constructions going on it would help get the properties filled.

Steven Alan I feel like the Oakland Park location would be used by more people. And either bus or by foot. The locations are very close.

Letter to the Editor: Reader Blasts Pier Angelo’s “The Sin of Pride”

David Holmes "Pride" failed in the penultimate sentence ( "...take your sad and bitter self to Tropics with the rest of your moaning and groaning, near-dead contemporaries" ...). This statement echoes something I read the other day about asking young homosexuals to look at the more serious sides of their lives. I would imagine that having an interest in older gay people and their needs would reflect pride in ourselves. These "near-dead" are the gay "soldiers" who helped fight for the freedoms enjoyed by the gay community today. So as this article suggests, Gay Pride is all encompassing, or should be.

Mons Floen The comments about Jennifer, Dame Edna, Tropics and the majority of its clientele are unwarranted, unneeded and untrue. Also, paying an entrance fee for a pride event is insulting, but that has more to do with the groups here that can't act together and fund raise enough to get everyone in without a charge.

That said, pride is a super important event. It tells the world we're here, reminds each of us of what we each had to do to get where we are today, shines light on issues we have to overcome in the future and, most importantly, lets closeted or unknowing lgbtq's that they can come and join us.

You don't have to go to pride, but you should respect what it means. Also, if you don't like how it's evolved, then get involved and change it. We are attacked by so many different groups from all corners of the world, stop attacking each other. Disagree but try not to disparage.

Anthony Cicalese I was on your side until you started needlessly bashing my good friend and wonderful singer Jennifer McClain. Go fuck yourself.