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Pride Fort Lauderdale Rocked By Sexism Charges

Rachel Spiller

This absolutely sounds sexist, and as far as the children present, what kind of message does this send to little girls? As a former board member of Pride SWFL and as a mother raising ally children, I think that most families that you will find at pride events are trying to raise body positive children. With the different states of dress and undress that it seems (from the story and comments) males were walking around in, the young girls attending this event were sent a message that their bodies are something to be hidden while the male figure is to be displayed. Perhaps the Pride board in FL will remedy this situation with support or creation of some kind of body positive program for young people?

Jared Todd

The event was poorly planned and lost the idea of Pride. This story too is just uncalled for both Kent and this women need to shut up.

Lori Tanner

If it was a 17-year-old boy in a speedo or a thong I guarantee you nothing would've happened. There is double standard in this town, in this community, on many levels.

Column: The Sin of Pride

Columnist says 'Gay Pride is a tired, outdated, boring embarrassment that's outlasted its usefulness or relevance.'

Michael Walters

I'm stunned that anyone could have written this. This is a myopic, self-loathing little diatribe from someone who seems to be afraid of people who have no issue with showing the world that we are, like it or not, here to stay. To show that we are proud to be who we are, although we are not always unified or understanding with others in our communities. Pride should be displayed every day of our year. We should live with love and joy and leave behind those who don't like it to wallow in their own bitterness.

Greg Kanter

You suffer from another virus. It causes Gay amnesia and makes its victims preachy and snooty. Visit a Pride festival in the South (no, Ft. Lauderdale doesn't count) and view it with no prejudice. Notice the young people. Guess how many had to sneak out of their parents' house just to attend, maybe find somewhere safe to change clothes first, dared to hold a loved one's hands, or laugh with a gender non-conforming friend for the first time. Understand these phenomena also happen at Pride in Wilton Manors and Miami. Guess how many lives are forever changed and even saved because someone saw their first Pridefest. Lucky you (It's called "privilege") to have safe, unlimited access to everything Gay whenever you want. There's a kid living down the street from you who isn't so lucky.

Larkin Lynch

I'm sure the author of this article thought he was being cutting edge when this utter shit was written, but being provocative for its own sake reveals he has nothing of substance to say. This piece totally missed whatever mark it was aiming for by a mile. It wasn't funny or clever in any way and the author is a total hack.

Letter to the Editor: Don't Just Ban All Guns, Ban All Vehicles

Andrew McKendrick

A homocide is not an accident. When you pick up a gun to murder someone, there is intent. When you get in your car, you don't drive like you're on GTA trying to score as many pedestrian points as you can. You're comparing apples to oranges.

Carl Szulczynski

I couldn't agree with the writer more, for the most part. The very term "gun control" sounds invasive. Firearm regulation sounds better than any form of government control. I've been the victim of a violent crime and I will not allow it to happen again.

I am ready for anyone who wants to threaten my home or family. Everyone should be prepared to defend themselves. I've spent most of my adult life in Chicago with the strictest gun laws in the nation, yet the highest gun crime rate. Clearly the police can't always be trusted to protect and serve equally, so we must take matters into our own hands. I don't call 911.

That said, I see no need for automatic weapons. If a shotgun doesn't eliminate any attacker, a machine gun isn't going to either. Anyone who wants a gun should be background checked for mental illness.

Matthew V.Tsien

"Don't Just Ban Guns, Ban All Vehicles" Letter to the Editor makes many valid points. Far too often the Gays of the Left make false assumptions that we should be more like pacifist Europe. Yet Europe is under siege by ISIS infiltration. Terrorist incidents are spiking in London, Paris, Scandanavia, etc.

Gun control makes easy robbery very common. The day after the Oregon shootings, our President said he should have gun laws like Australia. The next day a man walked up to and shot a police officer. We have to get over our self-deceiving myths about gun free socialist/bankrupt Europe.

Furthermore, women are indeed leading the U.S. in attaining gun permits. Most guns owned in this country are for safety from the bad elements. And rightly so.

Kudos to Kenneth Blunk.