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Bill Would Allow Florida Churches To Say No To Gay Marriages

Frank Zurek If this proposed law is that vague, it will allow churches to discriminate for any reason, not just because a couple is GLBT. This law is not required due to the first amendment.

Robb Kvašňák why oh why do they HATE us so much? Why do we have to put up with this crap? What if the law applied to a race or a nationality? Wouldn't they have HELL to pay for even mentioning it? I am so insulted and sick and tired of this - you don't hear about this stuff in Canada or any of the other countries where gay marriage is legal - you don't even hear crap like this where gay unions are legal but not marriages like in Germany and Austria. So tell them to shut up! We have to shut them up! We have to make a stink.

David Holmes The church bit is just the "wedding." Why visit a place where you're not wanted? A wedding can be held anywhere and there are very willing priests to perform a same-sex marriage. (Time we got rid of that "gay marriage" tag.)

City Purchases Parking Lot For $447,000

Christopher Matthews LOL of course they did....people were parking there anyways. And more than about 18 to 24....will barely make a dent in Wilton's parking problem.

Joel S. Slotnick While it may be considered a step, it's a step backwards. I'll be very clear: Wilton Manors doesn't need 18-24 more spaces. WILTON MANORS NEEDS A PARKING GARAGE.

Maurice R Mizrahi A million dollars wasted. Could have been a nice down payment on a garage. Maybe a deal with a developer for moderate income housing and a garage. What a waste. Time to go back to a trolley and a deal with Fort Lauderdale high school.

One Million Moms Wage War on Campbell's Soup

Denise M Cayette I love the commercial!

Christopher Hlat One million moms consists of maybe 50 woman....LMAO

Greg Kanter Not even close to one million! I’m buying more Cambells soup today!