Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

Wilton Manors Makes History; Permanent Pride Flag Approved

Rj Petrucci Yes the WM community should have an incredible favorable bias celebrating the gay residents and tourists that turned the ghetto slum of 1995 into a world famous upscale vacation destination in 2015.

David Mann Str8s have the whole country to feel comfortable in; Wilton Manors gays have a few miles of city block.

Greg Kanter How long have we had a state flag derivative of the racist Confederate flag? Love the rainbow next to that old thing! Way to go, WM! I pledge allegiance!

Ex Boxer Says He Was Drugged to Film Gay Porn Threesome 

Kelly Hedges-Wehner Force me, force me to get hard and perform in front of a camera and a staff and cutting scenes and so on and so on

Z'ev Hadash I watched the trailer. At one point while bottoming he says, "I don't believe that's all you got" and repeats "Come on!" four times, each more urgent and demanding.

David Friend Horn I would think his performance in the video would tell everything! If he just laid there and was manipulated, then his explanation may be very true,,,on the other hand, if he is totally active and involved.....his story doesn't have much credence.

Parliament House Loan Deal Now Official

David Steven Katz this place is disgusting, with pimps and thieves

Peter J. Konrath Always a fun time! Just wish they'd let me stay w my dogs!

Patrick Smith That's what happens when you don't pay your taxes.

Kevin Burke I hope they use some of the money to buy lots of bleach.