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Two-lane Wilton Drive May Happen Without High Cost to City

Maurice R Mizrahi Can we have a discussion of where the traffic will go. When we close the drive for an event 26th street becomes impossible to cross and the cars flying though our neighborhood are doubled. We need to have reliable parking people can get to. Moving the problem from one area to another makes zero sense and as far as Las Olas goes there is pretty much street parking behind the entire length on both sides As for whomever thinks this works in Delray have you tried driving in on Atlantic where it goes to one lane each way? Let's not make another mistake simply because of the cities lack of leadership on a crosswalk at every block.

Mons Floen Definitely needed if Wilton is going to become a "destination" street. Next, is closing NE 26th St. at the five points/publix corner. That road congests the entire intersection and will become a dangerous cut-through. The road should be barricaded just passed the Starbucks so traffic can get to the stores from the intersection or from Wilton.

Attilio DP It needs to happen NOW. Not just from a business owner point of view but the community will benefit greatly from it. I was driving east on the drive Thursday night and the amount of people still jaywalking is amazing. It's dark and people drive to fast on four lanes. This would help everyone.

Boy in Barbie Doll Commercial a First

John Gianni Caminiti Steroetypically sissified.

Shane Stansel Who cares? Toys should have no gender.

Chris Murphy Marichino Barbie is "FIERCE!"

KKK Spreads Pamphlets in Fla.: 'Support Gay Bashing' to 'Stop AIDS'

Andrew Franco Bunch of men....hiding under bed sheets....they confused?

Christopher S Monroe Really? What is wrong with people all over the world these days? Just so sad and disappointing among other things.

Scott Caetano Ignorance