Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

Pride Fort Lauderdale Elections Erupts in Chaos

Robert E Knox – Bad leadership leads to a dysfunctional board of directors. Add to that the usual people who just love to cause drama and stir up sh!t storms and then proclaim innocence.

Michael Fazakerley – Pride Equality Park should handle the PRIDE events oh & bring just a lil class to it.

Steven AlanAlan – The actions at that meeting are an exact reflection of the last event.

Westboro Baptist Church: 'Fag Marriage' Responsible for Paris Attacks 

Bill Cox – Why do you give these idiots publicity? It's the only reason they do this crap, because they know it will get them noticed. Who cares what they think or say. Stop pandering to them and maybe they'll atrophy and die.

Jason Smith – God hates Westboro Baptist or he would have given them interesting jobs and hobbies and loving families to occupy their time.

Militza Miranda – Enough with religion BS.

HRC Corporate Index Blasted By LGBT Labor Group

[Note Kurt has no photo with avatar] Kurt 20008 – HRC considers companies LGBT friendly when they make a non-binding, unenforceable promise not to discriminate. When the same company refuses to includ the same language in their binding and enforceable collective bargaining agreement, HRC takes no notice.

Joseph Cloutier – According to Pride at Work the only way to be LGBT friendly is to be unionized. I totally disagree. One has nothing to do with the other. Are all AFL-CIO unions LGBT friendly?

Steve Johnson no, we CAN'T all just get along....