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Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.


Majority of BID Board Wants Wilton Drive Reduced

Joel S. Slotnick They won't consider a parking garage in that area, what makes you think they'd do anything else to better the neighborhood and make it that much more safe for the people who keep their businesses going?

Anthony Koschalk So where exactly do you want the traffic using Wilton Drive to go to? Broward County as a whole cannot keep narrowing main thoroughfares. The population is increasing here not decreasing. You would turn the side streets into a nightmare for anyone living near Wilton Drive.

James-John Salvatore Gigliello Nothing gets done expeditiously here. They spend too much time sitting on their fat asses having meetings about meetings! That's their idea of productive. This planning crap has been going on since they began building the Freedom Tower in NYC. That's completed, one of the tallest structures in the world, and the illustrious board here has their thumbs up their asses. Productivity South Florida style; nothing gets done!

BSO: Passenger Who Fell from Oasis of the Seas Threatened to Jump Overboard 

Robert Harston Boyfriends fighting !!! Lawyer want to blame ships security team to get MONEY from RCCL !!!!! How it's about $$$

Anthony Mike Mp seems he was a drunk bitch in a break up and nobody is worth dying for

Patrick Smith Oh those pesky facts. The family just wanted money.

Son of Anti-Gay Alabama Chief Justice Indicted on Drug Charges  

jjgrandisland And Judge Moore wants to be a moral crusader? He cannot even raise his own children. But I guess I would turn to crutches if I had a father like Judge Moore.

Martin Talbot Homophobia = self destructive and or closeted ! Always ! LOL

Dennis Paul Carreiro If that douche was my father, I'd probably do drugs too.