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Missouri AG Candidate Wants Exemptions for Gay Marriage

Sam Zara I foresee more lawsuits coming down the pike for Missouri and their taxpayers.

Martin Talbot A reflection of a dysfunctional and biased culture!

Avon Jon there was a time where you could refuse service to bla.cks as well, we are waaaaaay past that now. Move on

Gay Adult Star Turned HIV Educator 

Mons Floen He says nothing here. His opinion on PrEP is not fact. He needs to be better informed. Communicating as an "educator" that PrEP isn't "iron clad" is unhelpful at best and dangerous at worst. Then, he says he doesn't judge but lists how most gay men have had wild days of sex, drugs and booze. Huh? It feels like he's hiding his moralizing behind a facade of "caring." I'm sure he means well but I'd rather that self-appointed community leaders did better.

Carl Szulczynski I think it's great that he is doing this. As someone who has appeared in gay porn myself, once upon a time, and remained HIV negative, I'd like to see more activists speaking publicly about ways to avoid contraction and address our internal issues.

Jeannie Joysmith Instead of sex shaming, let's focus on testing, medication and sex education.

Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum Promises To Ignore Supreme Court Marriage Ruling

Robinson Almanzar And this is why guys like him will never win, because their hate is a major agenda and SO much bigger than their abilities to come up with a real, smart plan to make this country better...

Dennis Paul Carreiro Is he still around?

Tony Scarcella Please just drop out of the race now and save us from your racist propaganda