Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

Wal-Mart Project Blocked Again in Oakland Park

Frank Perez Toledo Target much nicer cleaner and friendlier. Walmart sucks.

Steve Johnson These "officials" are shooting themselves in the feet. Do they prefer this massive vacant lot?

Mike Fender How about a parking lot and shuttle service for Wilton Manors, especially since that city abdicated any responsibility for their parking problems 10 years ago?

Porn Pulse: TitanMen Star Endorses Trump For President

Eric Tucker Ok. What a joke. As a porn star why would anyone think that they would be respected for their personal political views!

Michael Gluckman Really? This is news worth reporting? The political voting tactics of porn "stars"? Almost time for me to delete this FB Follow.

Bill Schmidt Another self-loathing gay man.

West Hollywood Man Sentenced to 12 Years for Killing, Mutilating BF

Michael Solis Not enough time... he should've gotten 100 years!!!!

Marshall R. Krug just 12 years? why not life?

Deric Duff How can it be only 12 years?