Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

Wal-Mart Project Blocked Again in Oakland Park

Frank Perez - Toledo Target much nicer cleaner and friendlier. Walmart sucks.

Steve Johnson - These "officials" are shooting themselves in the feet. Do they prefer this massive vacant lot?

Mike Fender - How about a parking lot and shuttle service for Wilton Manors, especially since that city abdicated any responsibility for their parking problems 10 years ago?

Kim Davis to Attend Obama's Final State of the Union Address 

Richard Vitale - I would share this story, if it weren't for the fact that I so desperately want her to fade deep into obscurity.

Martin Talbot - The bigot needs a gay hairdresser, fashion consultant, and personal trainer ! LOL

Jerry Robertson - Nobody cares, she is just a hateful ugly person whose frontal lobe quit working years ago.

Nightlife: Ballz is Not A Strip Club  

Eric Tucker - Hmm. I was there a week ago and it looked like they were not sure what their theme was going to be. There were stripper boys and stripper poles all over the place.

Kevin Crawford - Perhaps they should not have opened like that! If left a very bad first impression on many people.

Ray Stinchcomb - Where oh where did we get the impression it's a strip club....when you remove half of the TVs of a sports bar and install numerous stripper poles and have a stage with a center pole, I can't imagine how we got the wrong idea. Not to mention that on their first Sunday open, they could only show 2 games....they didn't know how to operate the TV system.