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Porn Pulse: Jasper Robinson Dead At 21

Drake Markos It's inappropriate for common decency for you to take a dig at his life choices after he has passed away. It's inappropriate for you to claim to know that porn was the reason he chose to end his life. It's inappropriate for you to believe that "another job" is superior to the one he had. Do you know if he was still doing porn? Or maybe he did it to get off the streets? Maybe he did it to put himself through school so he could get "another job." Maybe he spent years being bullied and denied rights for being gay? Maybe he was depressed and always had been and it finally took its toll? No sir, what is inappropriate for Facebook is you playing morality police and shaming a dead man for choosing to engage in sex work for whatever reason. You are no better.

Daniel Nistal When the LGBT organizations are going to start addressing this issue of young, drugs and prostitution combo?

James Morotti Has to be another job he could have done... Sad

Wal-Mart Seeks New Vote for Oakland Park Supercenter

Kristofer Storm Wish they would hurry up and get it built so those of us who can't afford the more expensive stores won't have to travel all day on public transit to get the items we need to live.

Steven Alan Recreation.... Oh I sure can't wait to hang out behind. Walmart.

Frank Zurek Walmart should move to the old Pearl site so traffic will stay out of Wilton Manors.

Fiji Prime Minister Tells Gay Couples To Move To Iceland If They Want To Get Married

Jason Dottley I've been to Fiji. It's boring as fuck and not the beauty it's portrayed to be. Go to Mallorca or Ibiza or the Canary Islands. Screw Fiji.

Phillip Brownell The prime minister should move to Iceland and stay the hell out of other ppl's personal business!

Frank Cotugno There goes tourism. Gay people travel a lot. With all of the Fiji's natural resources they do not need tourism money.