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Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

Pride Center Severs Ties With Garden Club Over Plant Fair

Scott Caetano Worse than women!

Sean Devaney The Pride Center provided the venue for the garden club to operate.

Dave954 Some perspective from outside the city limits: bloody typical for WilMa...the same kind of childish, vicious, petty bickering more suited to a couple old queens in a bar snit. Pride Center vs. Garden Club? Really? The same kind of pathetic, self-destructive behavior that's destroyed Pride. Now, I don't know any of the players in this contrived drama but, in his position, I'd certainly expect a lot better from Mr. Boo than some adolescent, public cat fight...with a garden club, for chrissakes. To his credit, Mr. Jones seems to be the only adult in the room. "Community" my ass....

New Beach Bear Weekend Director’s Past Under Scrutiny

Stefan A Solis Skeletons in closets even happen in the LGBT world also.

Les McRae Great journalism as always!

Ryan Dixon Ha! Good job Fourth Estate.

At Ted Cruz Event, Phil Robertson Calls Gay Marriage 'Evil'

Gregory Austin And he's so

Jack Finley The anti-Christ!

Jackie Lupinacci Hate is the real sorcerer of evil is right. This a supporter of Cruz who himself doesn't go to church much and donates nothing? We need to come together as a country. Black, white, straight, gay whatever. We need to stand together. Close the borders and bring business back to the states. Trump 2016.