Opening Line: December 9, 2015

Reactions from our on-line outlets, compiled by John McDonald.

Wilton Manors Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana

Larry Scott: It's only a start. Progressive discipline with ever increasing fines is an improvement but the real answer is make it legal and let's worry about more important things.

Luimar Zibetti Garza: Happy Days are here again!!!!! *twirls in joy*

Wayne Oldford: Let's just legalize it

Gay Tourist Commits Suicide in Fort Lauderdale Guesthouse

Philip Otten: Who shoots themselves in the chest when Committing Suicide.? Something does. not add up.

Mons Floen: Nice place with great staff. Sorry this happened to him and to them.

Frank Cotugno: My condolences.

Parking Solutions Will Be Expensive

Hernán Barnett Idea: stop giving public parking spaces on the street to private residential buildings.

Robb Kvašňák: We rarely go out on Wilton Drive - the idea of having to time yourself during your free time is NOT the reason to live in Florida - it destroys the leisure of the gathering - we prefer a place that has its own parking lot so that we can dine and celebrate knowing that we will not have to check the clock - good luck to the business on the Drive - you are letting the commissioners kill your sales.

Kevin Burke: They're trying. Everyone knows a 3-4 tiered parking garage behind city hall is the cure, but that costs about $5m. So until then-this will suffice.

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