Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

Mich. Man Jailed for 6 Months After Meeting Teen Boy on Grindr

Andrew Lord The minor knowingly downloaded an app that is an adult app that requires you to verify your age so the minor lied and should be charged.

Jay White We need to start holding the kids and parents accountable for stuff like this and it won't now that kid is free to do it again and he probably will.

Patrick Smith That's why you don't hook up with children. Or even attempt to.

Man Steals Butt Plugs, Says He Was Embarrassed to Pay for Them

David Steven Katz It might have got lost up there

Phillip Brownell Seriously? Who gives a rat's furry ass what the cashiers think? Get over yourself dude!

Steve Johnson hey, he just wanted to try them out before forking over the dough.

Accused Philly Gay Basher Convicted of Lesser Assault Count 

Christopher Hlat Privileged White Trash who should have been convicted of a hate crime but since her "Daddy" is a "White Police Chief" she got off with a slap on her BIGOTED hands like the rest of her friends in the attack...

Fernando Vieira Still, I bet she will think twice before messing with a gay person and I’m sure her life has been shit more than a year.

Phil Lauderdale Her punishment should be cleaning the toilets at the Philly LGBT Center for a few years.