Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

Andrews Diner gets remodel courtesy of Food Network

Carole Marino I will never step foot in there.

Robert Katz If the food is so bad why have they survived for almost 25 years with a constant wait to get in? The food is all home made and if you order a hamburger it is not frozen like that other diner by the tracks. You never know what you are going to get there. Different soups everyday that are all home made and priced right. The wait staff is always very friendly and some have been there for many years. I have eaten there for over 20 years and never once got sick or had a bad meal!

Amanda Austin Look for a gaggle of local drag queens in the episode!

Dog Owners Up In Arms Over Dog Park

John Gianni Caminiti Colahatchee had always been a cruising spot but what does that have to do with the condition of the Dog Park?

Christopher Hlat How does he know that men are going there to have sex? Is he watching with binoculars?

Steve Johnson and on the other hand, some folks DO go there because of the cruising.

Rubio Campaign Ad Aimed at Christians Branded 'Bigots' and 'Haters'

Gene Mahoney Like Marco Rubio, I am first generation of an immigrant family. That's where the similarity ends. Mr. Rubio speaks of being "out of place in our country" because "people with traditional values" are "branded bigots and haters."

Americans in general have a history of being bigots and haters. When my ancestors came to the U.S. in the early 1900s before returning to Ireland, the popular phrase of the time was, "Irish need not apply." If the phrase, "Cubans need not apply" were posted in a window of any company, how would Mr. Rubio reply? If the phrase were "No fags need apply," per Mr. Rubio's statement, that would be fine, If Mr. Rubio wants to talk about tradition and/or traditional values, perhaps he should learn the tradition of Christianity, something he professes, but apparently has forgotten.

Stephen Devine Don't worry Trump will get the nomination.

Stefan A Solis Sad Latin roots but even out of touch with that culture - I relocated to Mexico - LGBT rights are becoming the norm here including gay marriage - you see no protesters here when the supreme court in DF MX City approved same sex marriage - separation of church & state here since last revolution 1900 when the catholic church owned 60% of all the farm land in MX, all the rest owned by a few wealthy - says a lot for MX with all her problems including corruption & drug cartels to understand what control a religion can have over people. Churches here cannot own property except the church property - Rubio is a fool - no experience in government, saying anything for a block of crazy voters - he will find out that they are a minority in the USA. The GOP is dead, its followers lost in a past America that will never return. The rich ones at the top are rich because of all American gay & straight consuming products & services they control. Look at FOX, news right wing but the entertainment channel has programs like Glee, Family shows & more with gay characters proudly on air - Mmmm money talks & BS walks - 2 faced yes?