Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

One Million Moms Attacks Jazz Jennings (Article)

Craig Ross Jazz, don't listen to these idiots. As you know everyone has an opinion. What matters is that your friends and family love you. Stay strong.

Martin Talbot Bigoted dinosaurs !

Liam Hodgson Jazz is brilliant enough to deal with these VD ridden C**ts

Wilton Manors to Negotiate for More Parking (Article)

Joel S. Slotnick Why the heck is Wilton Manors consistently falling on deaf ears when it comes to doing the right thing to combat parking: BUILD A PARKING GARAGE. I'm so tired of hearing they want to be the destination place for people, yet, they don't listen to the people who support the city. Sorry, I refuse to battle for a parking space on a Friday or Saturday night..............or any other night

Gary Lonier Hope you all learned your lessons not to vote for the typical politicians! These guys are clowns! What is 24 parking spaces going to do? Build a garage over the street if you don't have space like the one in downtown Fort Lauderdale. There has to be better options than a few parking spots. That's just wasteful.

Michael J Weinstein Or, like, just implement better public transport systems.

KY Clerk Still Refusing to Issue Gay Couples Marriage Licenses (Article)

Terry Edwards Someone needs to step up and enforce the law and fire her, and her son. PERIOD.

Will Glitzern If I tried this excuse to get out of doing my job, they would fire my ass in a heartbeat.

Patrick Smith Is she wearing jewelry, blended clothing, not subservient to men? She should be put to death according to her religion. Women shouldn't even be in a position of authority according to her "God!"