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Comments by our readers from our online outlets compiled by John McDonald.

Fire Island Boycotters Call It Quits (Story)

Joel S. Slotnick With (any) action, especially by a public figure, is a consequence. You're free to kiss any butt that would rather see you put away and/or think you're not worthy of fairness or equality, but don't expect everyone to kiss with you. These two guys are elitist queens who appear to be in it for themselves. They want to make change? Let 'em donate the big bucks to the organizations who know what their doing. #5MinutesOfFameEventuallyEnds

Rj Petrucci The boycott was more than called for. The gay culture is a progressive culture - these swine swooped in and bought up a Mecca to fund themselves. In 2015 the crowd that goes to Fire Island are kind of a vapid low lifes with cash - did anyone think anyone but the drag queens would care about a boycott over ideas and rights - when circuit clowns care about status, access and cash - no matter how much they raise for charity at some events. P-Town would have closed the place down.

John Hitchcock I am glad to see this as I believe the boycott was uncalled for and downright unfair. This is America and they can support who they feel like. Who are we as a community to Judge someone’s rights under American law.

Texas Gay Couple Told They Cannot Kiss at Public Pool (Story)

Michael J Weinstein What homosexual goes to a public pool?

Jessie Odell I agree with the PDA rule. For some it would a simple kiss, for others it will turn into an all out deep and down the throat kiss. I don't care to see that straight or gay, or my kid to have to. I happen to be gay married to the same man for 26 years. We don't behave that way out in public. There's a time and place for everything. Public isn't the place. You can always build your own private pool.

Ed Garcia ZERO FUCKS were given, my boyfriend is the only one I have to think about when I want to express affection. Don't like it? Don't look.

Frank Zurek Why should same sex couples have to live by a different standard than hetero couples? If you see a straight couple exchanging a kiss or hug on the street do not expect gay couples to act any differently.

Steve Grand Complains Gay Media Objectifies Him (Story)

Martin Talbot Really ! This is the image he promoted ! LOL

Phil Lauderdale Really queen?

Truthy you shake your ass they notice fast --- don't become a tiresome queen like George Michael Stevie...