Comments from SFGN's online outlets, compiled by John McDonald

Porn director Chi Chi LaRue Launches Account To Pay For Rehab (Story)

Jamie Blood Seriously? What's next? Paying for her groceries? Rent? Toilet paper? No sympathy here.

Greg Yeager Lots of young LGBT youth dealing with the same issue that don't have a "go fund me" to go to passages Malibu with Lindsey Lohan. Shameshameshameshame

Carl Szulczynski As someone who has previously been directed by this druggie, I say, let her fund her own failed rehab attempts. Ain't she got Obamacare?

Oakland Park Wal-Mart Worries Wilton Manors Commission (Story)

Noah Kitty Require Walmart to pay its employees $15 for a minimum wage, and watch them back out of the deal.

Ed Gillis Yeah, blame "The Walmart," that'll work every time. They have nothing to do with it.

Byron Richardson Businesses on Wilton drive are suffering because the people aren't going out as much locally. Perhaps Walmart will drive more people to stop by the businesses on the drive either before or after Walmart shopping and give the local economy a bit of a much needed boost.

ISIS Accuses Another Man Of Being Gay; Throws Him Off Building (Story)

Frank Zurek Not even sure he was gay, they just thought he was gay. This must have a lot of men brushing up on their swaggers and lowering their voices an octave or two. How disgusting is this group?

Mark Ebenhoch If I ever get the chance, I'll throw as many ISIS assholes off the empire state building ensuring the splat.

Rj Petrucci Sick