Bond, James Bond

By Matthew Clark

When I think who my ideal Valentine’s date, I can only go back to my “younger” days, when I would watch James Bond—the original—with my family, and secretly drool over Sean Connery. That’s right: Sean Connery. We all remember his signature accent and delectable figure in those skimpy speedos, I wipe perspiration from my brow as I type—the thought is too sweet.


I can see our dream date play out in my mind like a lost chapter from an old 007 movie. I’m sipping a cosmo and Bond, brooding with pure sex, keeps undressing me with his eyes from across the table. The conversation is kept formal but seductive and very sexy.

All of a sudden, gunfire erupts around us, shattering the crystal glass in my hand. Bond throws me to the floor and pulls out his golden gun. (Squeal!)

Regardless of how my storyline might turn out in a 007 movie, or in my dreams, Sean Connery was one hot piece of ass back in the day. BUT did you know that he actually placed 3rd in the Mr. Universe contest in 1950? Then, some forty odd years later he was voted Sexiest Man Alive by People, and, at 69—ooh—Sexiest Man of the Decade.

This is one dreamy Scot, and it’s in my dreams where the fun really happens, and I truly find out what’s under this Scotsman’s kilt.


Anderson Cooper

By A. Sebastian Fortino

The song that launched Judy Garland to fame wasn’t the one about the rainbow. Instead, she sang “You Made Me Love You” to a picture of Clark Gable.

I don’t sing to my bachelor’s picture. Yet, Judy inspired me. Even though my bachelor might not even be single, or gay.

Anderson Cooper was born in 1967 to Gloria Vanderbilt. True, his blue blood makes me swoon. Despite Gloria’s fortune he wouldn’t sit idly by reaping its benefits. Granted, it enabled him to model for the Ford Modeling Agency before high school.

He is so dashing with blue eyes, and so honest with his prematurely silver hair. Yet his affable eloquence is the biggest turn-on. He’s like someone you could meet out one night.

Then there’s his sense of adventure.

When he couldn’t work in journalism he went after it himself. He created a fake press pass then entered war-torn Burma. I think that’s way sexier than a six pack!

He might be criticized for not being out. Yet that’s his private life. Besides he hosts New Year’s Eve with Kathy Griffin.

So I happily read between the lines.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go sing “You Made Me Love You” to Anderson in lieu of sending roses.


Chace Crawford

By Joey Amato

If I wasn’t dating the most wonderful man in the world, I would love to date Chace Crawford, star of Gossip Girl. Chace is so dreamy!

I started watching Gossip Girl during its first Season on the CW and have been hooked ever since. Chace’s character, Nate Archibald, is a member of the esteemed Vanderbilt family, which makes him an heir to a multi-billion dollar fortune. Good looks and a ton of money…that’s hot.

I even got my boyfriend Daniel addicted to the series, although, he has developed a crush on the womanizing Chuck Bass, Nate’s on again, off again best friend. Growing up in New York, I was exposed to the Upper East Side culture and attitude which is conveyed in Gossip Girl and I can attest that the characters are definitely true to life and the storylines could be real.

Chace grew up in Plano, Texas, which means he’s probably a pretty good line dancer…maybe our first date could be at Scandals. Drinks are on me.

Okay, so Chace has been seen on the arm of female celebrities and swimsuit models, but can’t a boy dream?