Is Your Boyfriend a Psychopath?

Are you dating or living with a psychopath? Doing so would not be that out of the ordinary, about one in one hundred persons are psychopathic.

Being just out of a acquaintanceship that ended spectacularly bad my analytic mind set to doing what it does best, understanding what had gone so seriously wrong in literally a moment. No answers were readily available, never had I experienced anything so deeply disturbing and lingering.

Through conversation and the passage of time his behavioral inconsistencies surfaced as a continuum finally yielding a lead to research, and ultimately understanding.

I came to understand the man is a psychopath. Psychopaths are generally difficult to spot because they can initially be quite likable. Over time, their true nature becomes increasingly apparent. The moment he understood I was no longer open to his manipulation I was persona non grata.

Once I came to understand the condition I could clearly see that psychopaths operate in easily identifiable manners and are readily recognizable with rather common traits.

To recognize a psychopath it is important to understand psychopath and sociopath are diagnoses of antisocial personality disorder, often arising from genetic and environmental stimuli affecting males more than females. Psychopathy generally peaks in the twenties and fades into the forties. Many cases are treatable and treatment can be effective when diligently administered and accepted. Sadly, some cases are not treatable particularly when the psychopath refuses to recognize the condition.

Psychopaths are almost always viewed as friendly; it is easy to leave a conversation with one feeling really good. They are often delightful people and skilled at small talk. A quick wit draws others to them and their litany of interesting stories is entertaining; the stories are on the surface believable and portray them in a positive light. With time you will come to understand that most of the stories have few roots in truth.

A lack of guilt will likely be your first flag signaling your date or partner might be a psychopath. Psychopaths are incapable of feeling remorse. They cannot accept responsibility for hurting others; instead everything will be your fault and responsibility. They have no empathy which also precludes them honestly loving, all the while presenting very convincing mimicking.

Arrogance is a hallmark of psychopaths usually expressed as an inflated sense of importance; they think rules and social norms don't apply to them. They harbor a grandiose sense about their potential believing they are the best at everything they do. In actuality many do little or nothing at all.

With faint regard for their safety or that of others, psychopaths often lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead. Psychopaths can be very intelligent and their behavior is usually well organized leaving few clues behind. Sexual promiscuity is a common trait with no regard for their or other’s health while focusing only on their personal pleasure.

Psychopaths are master manipulators. Not experiencing genuine emotions toward others they are very good at manipulating other people's emotions. Subtle yet effective flattery easily persuades others to do out of character things. As a result, those who love them often have no idea the psychopath is incapable of truly caring for other people. Guilt trips effectively push along their agenda.

Some psychopaths understand their personality disorder and effectively mimic their loved ones creating a relatively stable and normal relationship and a happy and successful life. More often the psychopath’s inability to feel remorse, empathy, compassion or love and to see such behaviors in their partner as weakness, ensures that in the end no good can or will come of the relationship.


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