At the June 16 Commission meeting, the members made the correct decision: to approve a resolution supporting affordable housing opportunities in the city.

I appreciate my fellow commissioners’ foresight into ensuring that Oakland Park is a place where all who wish to reside here can do so.

While our city continues to develop housing stock for higher-income constituents, it is important that we have housing at all price points. Affordable housing provides just that.

According to the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, affordable housing focuses on helping those who would find at least 30% of their income would be spent on rent. This has been studied in Oakland Park — a Broward County-commissioned FIU study found such a need — and emphasized the importance of transportation access for those that require it.

Gone are the days of new affordable housing that subscribes to the old-school tenement style from the past. These can be in architecturally sophisticated buildings with access to transportation as well as shopping and city services.

With the commission’s support, we now have a formal policy that directs staff to create a plan for implementation. Oakland Park joins some of its sister cities in the county as well as Broward County, itself, to demonstrate this commitment to affordable housing.

I am proud to represent Oakland Park residents and work with my colleagues to bolster Oakland Park as a “City on the Move.”

Commissioner Mitch Rosenwald was elected to the Oakland Park City Commission in 2020. Mitch brings the perspective of a social worker, a researcher, and a community activist to this position. He believes that residents, business owners, and city administration can partner to balance smart development with neighborhood integrity. Mitch is committed to hearing the residents’ voices, building strong, diverse neighborhoods, cultivating smart growth, and creating a “greener” Oakland Park.