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How to remain upbeat and positive in 2016


New year, new beginnings, new everything! We should all start 2016 with a new approach in life where we ought to make the most out of each day. Our Chamber is lucky to have many spiritual and faith based organizations as members who remind us that life is not all about work, work, work and making money. This month I share with you the below advice by Chris Jackson, Senior Ministry at Unity on the Bay, on how to maximize the first moments of your day.

For many of us, the sound of the morning alarm clock is a command to pull ourselves out of comfy bed linens toward the coffee maker and morning news – a necessary and often dreaded requirement to beginning another day.

Actually, the first waking moments of your day can make a tremendous, positive difference in the quality of your life. You can intentionally start your day on an affirmative note and set priorities before the demands of the day take hold. It’s the perfect time to design your day and your life. Each new day is a true gift – a cause for celebration. Before you retire in the evening, plan your morning as though it was a truly special occasion. Set out your clothes, prepare the coffee maker and be ready to play some soothing music or light a candle.

Find an alarm clock that will awaken you with uplifting music or positive affirmations. The very first sensations you experience upon waking can impact your whole day. It has been said that something precious is lost if we rush headlong into the details of life without pausing a moment to pay homage to the mystery of life and the gift of another day.

A great day begins with a great mindset. When you awaken, take a moment to ponder the privilege of being alive and healthy. Create a brief vision or mission statement for your life. Consider what you believe to be your purpose in life and, specifically, how you fulfill that purpose. Read your statement every morning.

Make time to articulate your values in life. Consider what is most important to you – peace of mind, physical health, loving relationships, your work, gratitude and generosity or joy. Consider intentions or goals for each of your values – ways in which you allow what you value to be reflected in your actions. Review your written intentions each morning.

One of the most valuable early morning activities involves maintaining a gratitude list. Every morning, spend a few minutes pondering the people, things and situations you are thankful for. These could include everything from basic comforts, like running water and secure housing to great employment or a fulfilling partnership.

Greet the day with inspiring readings. Spend time in quiet meditation, prayer and reflection. Our lives are fleeting moments in the passing of eternity. To awake each morning fully conscious of the gift of another day empowers you to treasure the gift of your existence and never take a single second for granted.

Jorge Richa is the Marketing & Programming Director, Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.