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Regardless of the size of your business, your business plan should include a solid marketing strategy to communicate your product and /or services. Many things should be considered when developing effective marketing initiatives. Featured below are just a few, invaluable marketing tips outlined by Justin Bell, CEO of Arc + Arrow Creative Group (, a local agency based in Miami, which will help you reap promising rewards. These four easy tips will surely simplify your life and maximize your marketing.


  1.  Schedule thirty minutes everyday to market your business.

It’s human nature—especially when we’re busy—to put off working on tasks that look too big or overly complicated. Don’t let your marketing be part of this procrastination black hole. Instead, block off thirty minutes of time every day to focus on marketing your business. People who don’t respect their scheduled time will secure no reward– so be strict and ensure you dedicate this time to growing your business.

  1. Use automation tools.

Many entrepreneurs think of social media as free marketing. But is social media actually without cost? No.

Think about the many hours you spend crafting perfectly worded posts or sharing stories you think are relevant to your clients. That’s a lot of time, and as you know...time is money! Upgrade to social media automation! There are numerous no-cost automation platforms that allow you to easily schedule, respond and monitor posts across all social platforms via one dashboard! Hoot suite, Buffer, IFTTT...the list goes on-and-on. Don’t forget to automate your email newsletters as well, saving yourself time and money! With a little research, you’ll find an automation tool right for your business.

  1. Refresh, Reuse, Recycle.

The digital age we live in today is all about sharing. But who has time to constantly create content to share on their blog or on their Facebook? The key to creating content is Refresh, Reuse and Recycle! Every blog you write and every infographic you create takes time. Don’t be afraid to dust off those old marketing assets and put them to use when appropriate.

  1. Be relevant.

The final and most important tip is to always be relevant in your marketing. Posting content that is off topic or irrelevant to your business is not only a waste of time for you, but also inconveniences your audience and puts what equity you’ve developed with that audience at risk. Before crafting your next Facebook post, ask yourself: “Will this post bring value to my customers?” If yes – post away. If no, take a step back and utilize your time elsewhere.

These four tips will certainly help you maximize your time and lend stronger returns for your business. Still feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be afraid to tap the expertise of a marketing agency to show you the ropes.

Jorge Richa is Marketing & Programming Director; Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce,