I am proud to have the support of the Dolphin Democrats, Equality Florida, and the Sun-Sentinel for my re-election as the Broward County School Board Member, Countywide. 

I have spent the last 7 years fighting for ALL of our children and their backing affirmed many years of my support for the LGBTQ+ community.  I shared my passion for education, at their recent meeting, and was overwhelmed with their gracious and emphatic support.  Because I support the LGBTQ+ community and identify myself as an ally, it is critically important, to me, to clarify statements that I made at a debate that I attended on August 7th.  

The moderator, with implied bias, posed his own question as follows, “A lot of families are pulling their kids out of school.  I have friends who have pulled all their kids out of school and have gone to homeschooling because they are concerned about what the students are getting taught specifically in terms of some of the radical ideologies, as they see it, like allowing kids as early, as young as 5 years old to choose their gender, for example and being taught all these ideas that there are 13 or 14 genders and you can pick which ever bathroom you want to go to…I wanted each of you to address that from a standpoint of what families feel that it’s not appropriate at 5 years old to tell a child you can pick from 13 genders and pick whatever bathroom they want to go to.” This is a clear misrepresentation of Broward County Public Schools Policy and of the choice that many exercise to homeschool their children. 

The question was of great concern to me, as gender identity and sexual orientation are not a choice.  I immediately and passionately responded that if a child comes to a teacher and says they have questions they need to be given support at school. In addressing the question, about sharing information with families, I intended to state we share information with the family if a student has been harmed such as in the case of rape.  It was not my intent to imply that LGBTQ+ identities should be connected with past trauma. The child’s safety is always our first priority. My words were clearly poorly chosen and did not convey my intent. 

For this I apologize for how any of this may have been perceived and promise that I will be more sensitive and particular in my communication. I emphatically believe, as I stated in the debate, that we have to support every child as they come to us because every child is perfect in their own way. 


Donna Korn

Broward County School Board Member, Countywide