Black Lives Movement Hits Home With Death of Corey Jones

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Tyson attended a rally honoring Jones, and was moved by the fact that a variety of people attended. 

Cullors said that many people have been confused about why there has been such a focus on black lives, but feels that “when we really deal with issues of black people, inside this country and outside the country, we will make the rest of this country better.”

Parker points out, “All lives matter. But black lives matter, women’s lives matter differently -- not better, I’m just saying differently -- in the sense that when you have a factor of invisibility that’s why it takes on a different light.”

When asked what advice she would give to local South Florida activists, Cullors said: keep going. 

“It’s important to know that myself and Alicia Garza and I are out, queer women and that when we joined this movement, especially the movement for black lives, we just said ‘Black Lives Matter.’ There weren’t many spaces for black people to come as our whole selves, especially with our sexual orientation. It’s critical that we see that there’s an evolution in this current civil rights movement.”




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