Black Lives Movement Hits Home With Death of Corey Jones

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Although details are not clear, according to reports, Jones was driving home from a late gig when his car broke down on I-95. As he waited for his band mate to get help, an off duty officer pulled over, thinking he had come across an abandoned van. It’s believed that Jones was alarmed and pulled out his gun, which he owned legally. The officer shot at him six times, hitting him three times, and Jones’s body was found 80 to 100 feet from his car, according to CBS News.

The officer who shot and killed Jones was put on administrative leave, then fired. 

“It just really hits home because you think you’re driving home late at night... we’re coming home late from gigs, that could easily be one of us,” said Valerie Tyson, a local musician.

Because she is well known within the musician community, and is a sort of “elder statesman” to younger musicians, she tries to keep a positive tone on her social media and encourages young people to respect themselves and be kind to one another.

“We’ve got to do better than this. This is not how we do things,” Tyson said. “Every time you turn on the TV, someone is getting gunned down, some person is losing their life, and nine times out of 10 over nothing. Over nothing. As a human being, I hurt for them.” 

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