Black Lives Movement Hits Home With Death of Corey Jones

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According to an extensive report by BuzzFeed News, 24 transgender women were killed from November 2014 to November 2015, double the previous year’s numbers. Seventeen of them were black.

Naomi Parker is an outspoken activist who has lived in Wilton Manors for 23 years, including running for Wilton Manors commissioner.

“It was started about black lives mattering in terms of not being visible,” she said of the movement. “If you’re looking through that lens of only one ethnicity or that lens of just one race, then you don’t really see anybody.”

Protesters and activists have furthered the movement in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD, but recently the movement hit home in South Florida with the death of Corey Jones, a black musician who was killed in Palm Beach Gardens in October 2015.

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