Black Lives Movement Hits Home With Death of Corey Jones

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Cullors is the founder and a board member of Los Angeles’ Dignity and Power Now and the director for truth and reinvestment at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

Many people are surprised to hear that the founders of BLM not only are women, but that two identify as queer. Cullors said that the LGBT community has been a large part of the movement, and many LGBT people have stepped up in their neighborhoods to spread the word of equality.

“We’re not a monolithic group,” Cullors said of black people. “We come in different shades and different sizes, we have different sexual orientations, different gender identities, different gender expressions. We are children, we are adults, we are teenagers.”

“To try to talk about LGBT people and black people as separate entities is a mistake and we have to talk about the intersections in which people live,” she continued.

Since BLM got its start, the “Say Her Name” campaign has urged people to not ignore the murders of black transgender women. Many other variations have since popped up as well including #GayLivesMatter and #BlackTransLivesMatter.

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