This year Lilo’s takes home the prize for Best Restaurant.

“We just promote a culture of openness. We’re not afraid to be that way. We are just open-minded. We embrace everybody. Everybody feels welcome,” said Joe Lipovich, an owner of the restaurant, in 2020. “Over the years we’ve hosted a lot of events for different communities. We’ve hosted drag shows as well.” 

Lipovich describes the menu as “diverse, eclectic, and crafted custom.” 

They serve a variety of tacos and burgers including The Dreamy One, The Beyond Billy Goat One, and Cuban Quesadilla.

“We’re very proud and honored to be recognized by SFGN readers. Being the best restaurant is truly a blessing. We’re so very happy to know that the SFGN readers appreciate our hard work and dedication to providing great food.”

“I love this place! Best food and bartenders in Lake Worth Beach,” wrote a reviewer.

701 Lake Ave., Lake Worth Beach

Runner-up: Haus Lounge

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