The Mirror interviews Ronnie Woo

Can food really be better than sex? Well, food can certainly boost your sex life. At least that’s the premise behind Logo’s hit new show, “Food to Get You Laid.”

Ronnie Woo, the show’s host who gets the action started in the kitchen on the one-hour reality series, is a gourmet three-course meal himself: a former model and celebrity chef with degrees in psychology.

The Mirror caught up with Woo from his Los Angeles home to discuss food, family, love and lust:

What are your earliest memories in the kitchen?

When I was growing up, my mom was very big on doing everything herself. When I say I grew up around food, it was really about travel. We would always be eating—Greece, India, Hong Kong, all over the world—all three meals of the day, if not more. That’s why I have such a positive association with food. When I go home, my mom makes big meals. That also may be what sparked my interest, because I didn’t grow up cooking, but I watched her. Whenever I’m in the kitchen, I’m always coming up with new recipes.

How did you land on the show?

It’s been in development for a while, almost a year. My (educational) background is psychology and I’m a professional chef. Food and relationships—it was crafted off my own skin. When they presented it I was jumping up and down. I wouldn’t make a good therapist because I’m a little too blunt, but I totally, totally, true heartedly believe in therapy and what it can offer and, well, I love to cook.

Tell our readers about the show.

It’s a provocative title, for sure. There is an underlying sexiness. Food is sexy and it’s a universal language. The way episodes work, one of the two people in a couple reach out to me, they have an issue or are in a rut, and they need a special moment. There are gay, lesbian, straight couples, a great mix. I’ve been in a relationship for seven years, so any problems they’ve had I’ve been through, besides my background in psychology.

What do you enjoy most about the show?

It’s relatable in a sense. We come up with a three course meal, I show them how to make it gourmet and then we talk about what’s going on in their relationships, how to approach it, how to feel it out. It’s truly an inspiring show in that I’m really helping them out, showing people how to make a delicious meal and create a shared experience. When you’re in a relationship, it’s all about memories, shared experiences and creating them. As humans, that is all we really have. That’s how you create a better bond with your partner, mother, father, sister.

And what about those meals?

I meet them first, but it is truly reality TV. The catch is that I tell them I’m coming in the next few days, they can stock (their pantries) up, but they don’t know how I’m going to put things together. I’ve been really happy with myself because I’ve loved every three-course meal we’ve come up with in every episode.

What’s the craziest dish you whipped up on an episode?

Polenta made out of popcorn kernels. Every episode shows how simple cooking can be. It’s definitely less about my favorite recipes and more about improvising with what’s on hand. That’s really the secret of cooking….and relationships.

What’s ahead for your career?

I’d love for the show to continue for new seasons. I definitely believe in it because if you’re into food, it’s good, and if you’re into relationships, it’s good. It’s a perfect recipe. I also definitely see myself growing as a media personality, continuing to be a chef in the real world, bringing a fresh perspective on food and (creating) a lifestyle brand based on my eclectic background.

“Food to Get You Laid” can be found on Logo. Check local listings for channels and show times. To learn more about Woo, go to