Hosting a get together at your house before heading out to the Drive for Wicked Manors? Here are a few cocktail and munchies ideas to get you in the mood.


1.Bette Davis Eyes Martinis

Here’s looking at you!


1 can lychees

fresh blueberries

vodka or gin


Drain lychee juice into cocktail shaker.

Place one blueberry inside lychee (where the seed was removed).

Add ice and vodka or gin to the cocktail shaker.

Shake and strain into chilled martini glasses, add lychee “eyeball” as garnish.


2.Halloween Sparkler

A festive holiday beverage.


1 bottle Barefoot Bubbly Red Moscato

1 cup pomegranate juice

½ cup black cherry soda

½ cup pineapple juice

orange and pineapple slices and gummi worms for garnish


Mix ingredients with ice in a large pitcher.

Pour into goblets and garnish with pineapple and orange slices and a gummi worm.


3.Sparkling Green Goblin

Go easy on the green food coloring or it will stain your teeth.


1/2 bottle Barefoot Bubbly Moscato

1/2 bottle Barefoot Brut Cuvée

¼ cup spiced apple cocktail mixer

green food coloring

green grapes on a skewer


In a pitcher, mix first three ingredients.

Add enough food coloring to tint light green.

Pour into champagne flute and add grape skewer as garnish.


4.Mummy Fingers

A party favorite, pigs in a blanket, gets an eerie holiday makeover.


1 package hot dogs or smoked links

1 package filo dough


Cut filo dough into ¼ inch strips.

Cut hot dogs or links in half.

Roll the link or hot dog in strips of filo dough to resemble a mummy’s finger.

Bake according to filo dough package directions.

Serve with spicy mustard dipping sauce or catsup “blood.”


5.Pumpkin Cheese Ball

A dish that’s also a centerpiece!


1 bell pepper (red, orange or yellow)

4 (8 oz.) packages of cream cheese, room temperature

3 cups pepper-jack cheese, shredded

¼ cup chopped chives

3 cups cheese puffs


Cut the top off the pepper, retain stem.

Mince remainder of pepper.

Combine cream cheese, pepper-jack, chives and minced pepper.

Place in bowl and chill 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, grind cheese puffs in food processor.

Remove cheese mixture from refrigerator, shape into a ball.

Roll ball in cheese puff crumbs.

Press down on the ball slightly to form a pumpkin shape.

Add reserved pepper stem to top.

Chill until 30 minutes before serving.

Serve with crackers or sliced vegetables.


6.Dirt Cake Graveyard

Combine tira misu with a childhood favorite dessert to get this spooky concoction.


lady fingers

coffee liqueur

1 cup mascarpone

1 package instant cheesecake-flavored pudding

1 container frozen whipped topping (thawed)

1 package chocolate sandwich cookies

package of shortbread cookies

writing Icing


Allow mascarpone to come to room temperature, beat lightly.

Add pudding mix and fold in whipped topping.

Empty container of sandwich cookies into food processor with metal blade and pulse until cookies turn into crumbs.

Line oblong baking dish with lady fingers.

Drizzle coffee liqueur over the lady fingers.

Top with whipped topping mixture.

Smooth surface and top with cookie crumbs.

Refrigerate at least two hours or until ready to serve.

Decorate shortbread cookies to resemble headstones using the writing icing to decorate with tombstone epitaphs.

Decorate the top to look like a grave, with headstones and gummy worms crawling in the soil.


7.Spiderweb Guacamole

This is a recipe for those that can’t or don’t cook.


2 cups store bought guacamole dip

½ cup sour cream

tortilla chips


Place the guacamole in a bowl.

Place the sour cream in a zip-lock bag.

Cut the very end of the corner of the bag.

Squeezing the bag, draw concentric circles on top of the bowl of guacamole.

Using a toothpick draw lines from the center of the circle to the edge of the bowl.

Garnish with a plastic spider.


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