We were looking for someplace to have dinner before going to a concert at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center. A Google search turned up Ohho Noodles Market, just a short drive from the Center, and the menu looked fabulous, so we called to see if we’d need reservations. 

Ohho Noodles Market

3455 NE 163rd St., Aventura



No need, we were assured so we headed down nice and early to allow ourselves plenty of time to find the place. Good thing we did; it’s tucked in the back of a slew of strip malls, surrounded by other restaurants. The parking lot was full, but we eventually found a spot and walked in to find a nearly deserted dining room. 

That should have been a clue, but I love dim sum and this place offers a wide selection, so we decided to try it. 

Among the dim-sum options were shrimp or vegetable dumplings, chicken shumai, har gow shrimp, stuffed shrimp eggplant, steamed or baked BBQ pork buns, fried shrimp dumplings, pan fried chicken or pork dumplings, pan fried chive & shrimp dumplings and fried crisp sesame seed balls, all priced at about $6 a serving. 

That’s a buck or so more than most places charges for similar dishes, so I assumed the portion sizes must be larger, but no, they were the standard size, but the shrimp sui mai we sampled was very well prepared.

In addition to dim sum, the restaurant specializes in, as you might surmise from its name, noodle dishes. There’s quite the variety, in addition to such expected pan-Asian dishes as; pad thai, lo mein and yakisoba, there are other offerings, all with a choice of tofu and meat, such as Chinese chow fun (large flat noodles with Chinese broccoli), Thai suki (clear noodles with egg and vegetables in a spicy bean curd sauce), Hong Kong crispy noodles with stir fried vegetables, Vietnamese bun thut nuong (thin vermicelli noodles) and udon with galbi (thick tubes of pasta topped with Korean BBQ short rib). 

I found my chow fun noodles a tad mushy, but my husband’s pad thai, when it finally arrived, was exactly as it should have been. That’s where our complaint about Ohho arises. There were no less than six employees that we could see (and we heard a few more in the kitchen – they were quite loud), but what they were all doing was a mystery (there were only two other tables of two in the dining room). We waited a good 10 minutes for our first course, an order of shrimp shu mai to arrive. Then my noodle dish arrived less than two minutes later. But that was OK as it was way too hot to eat, the grease on the noodles was still sizzling. About 10 minutes later our beverages arrived. Then we waited a good 15 minutes until my husband’s pad thai arrived. By then my dish was nearly cold. 

It’s a shame the service was so bad because the menu is very intriguing, listing dishes new to me. I’d like to go back and try one of the dozens of soups offered, or other noodle dishes from the three dozen or so selections (including, oddly enough, rigatoni a la vodka and fettuccini chicken alfredo).

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