One of the best things about having friends who are foodies is that it makes shopping for them so easy. Even if you think that they’re the person who has everything, there’s always a new gadget or food trend to pique their interest. All of the following can be found at Amazon and other online retailers.

For the Coffee Snob

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What’s not to like about the Krups electric spice and coffee grinder? It’s beautifully designed, compact enough to tuck away in even the most cramped kitchen and only $16. After they’ve ground the beans, they can use the $30 Secura stainless steel French pressto brew a perfect cup of Joe.

For the Busy Bee


What a microwave is to an oven, a pressure cooker is to a saucepan. Meals that usually take hours, such as stews, can be prepared quickly. The six-quart Instant Potis an easy to use pressure-cooker that also functions as a slow-cooker, a sauté pan, a rice cooker and a steamer. The $90 price tag doesn’t hurt so much when you realize that it takes the place of numerous other appliances.

Chill & Grill

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Even though here in Florida we can grill outdoors every day of the year, sometimes you just want to take care of everything in the kitchen. That’s when you really appreciate the Le Creuset cast iron square skillet grill. It prepares perfectly grilled steaks and fish, as only cast iron can do, but with the streamlined ceramic finish Le Creuset is famous for. It’s not cheap, $180, but it will last a lifetime.

So Authentic You’ll Lisp


This $40 Spanish paella gift setfrom Williams Sonoma has everything you need to make an authentic version of the traditional Spanish rice dish. All you need to do is provide the meat or seafood.

Eye Opening


Spread a little love every morning and support the Human Rights Campaign with a set of these Love Is Love coffee mugs.  A set of two is $18 at West Elm (limited supply).

The Finishing Touch


Good cooks know that almost every dish benefits from a sprinkle of finishing salt. The Jacobson Salt Company six vial salt samplerof gourmet infused salts is $35 and provides enough finishing salt for a year’s worth of cooking.

Bourbon at Breakfast?


Yes, when it’s bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. You can pay up to $40 a bottle or get this bottle at Walmart for less than $10. NO ID required.

For Your Hipster Niece


Surprise her with this kombucha brewing kit. The hottest trend is easy to make at home and kits and supplies can be found everywhere, from Etsy to Macy’s. The one pictured above goes for $47.


Do You Like Pina Coladas?


You might think that a pineapple sliceris just another gadget to clutter a kitchen drawer. I know I did before I got mine. Now, I’m surprised at how often I use it. Not only does it slice a pineapple with a minimum of mess, but it preserves the fruit’s shell as a serving vessel. It will be $20 well spent. Paper umbrellas available separately.


Shopping for a Cause


I try to buy many of my holiday gifts at Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (BC/EFA) for a variety of reasons. The agency provides support in a number of ways to the theater and dance community, many of whom don’t have adequate health insurance. (I have a lot of friends who are theater queens.Check out for everything from books and CDs to clothing, office supplies and useful items. Many of the items are reasonably priced, like this sleeve of 25 to-go coffee cupsemblazoned with the logos of Broadway shows for $10. If you’re sending gift basketsto friends and loved ones in other cities, donates a portion of the proceeds of all sales to BC/EFA. Place your order now at


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