While fall means sweaters and wool up north, here it means cooler nights to enjoy breezy, less humid evenings, without sweating through your shirt on your way to meet friends. So we asked our favorite watering holes what cocktails and drinks they recommend for Fall.


1, The Manor, their Pear Tree Martini is a sophisticated cocktail, made with Grey Goose pear vodka, St. Germain Elderflower Liquor, with a float of sparking wine. The cocktail smacks of sweetness, without being too fruity, and the bubbles make for one sparkling presentation.

2, Sidelines Sports Bar, says their favorite cocktail for fall isn’t quite a cocktail. They score big with their Sunday Beer Buckets! The 5-beer buckets pair perfectly with Sunday football games! So, one Sunday be sure to take your sports enthusiast self – or the jock you’re trying to impress – down to Sidelines for a few cold ones.

3, Matty’s on the Drive, signature cocktail is their Grape Martini, made with Welch’s grape juice. It’s ideal for fall since that’s when – traditionally – grapes are harvested. The deep purple color of the cocktail, and it’s sweetness might make you change up your “usual” at Matty’s!

4, Corner Pub, the Klondike Bar, made with Rumple Minze peppermint schnapps, cream, vodka, Kahlua, butterscotch Schnapps, & dark Creme de Cacao. Shannon says it tastes like a Peppermint Patty although everyone calls it a Klondike Bar.

Now, I will share a personal favorite of mine, created by the Queen Mum – Princes William and Harry’s late, great-grandmother – for a royal road trip! Take 2 parts DuBonnet – a refreshing wine aperitif, 3 parts gin – I prefer Beefeater or Gordon’s, and shake or stir. Put a lemon wheel on the bottom of a glass, add ice, then pour. The DuBonnet adds a lot of flavor, the gin a little kick, and the bubbles make the cocktail sparkle and shine! Perfect for a breezy, balmy, poolside evening.

So, cheers to all of our SFGN readers!