Now that all that “Black Friday,” “Small Business Saturday” and “Cyber Monday” hype has died down, it’s time to go shopping without the crazies. Of course, the easiest and most convenient way to shop is in your underwear – or naked (by that I mean online, I have to specify, because in this town, you never know).

But when you’ve got a foodie on your list, shopping is even easier. Here are some great ideas for every price point from simple stocking stuffers to extravagant offerings.


Six Vial Salt Sampler Gift Set

Infused and exotic salts are all the rage. Believe it or not, there really is a difference in flavor and texture, it’s not just all hype. These salts infused with lemon zest, vanilla bean and smoke will spice things up. ($30 @


Oro del Desierto Deluxe Gift Set

The attractive gift set includes four bottles of organic single-variety olive oils from one of Spain’s premiere producers; Oro del Desierto. ($49.95 @


Crown Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Syrup

Everything’s better with bourbon or maple syrup, so imagine how good waffles will taste with bourbon maple syrup! This artisanal bourbon-spiked maple syrup takes brunch to a whole other level. ($19.95 @


DIY Bacon Kit

Sure, there’s no curing the bacon-lover. Pardon the pun, but for those who consider bacon a food group, how could you deny them the chance to cure their own pork? ($19.95 @


Snacking, Elevated

This makes a great gift to bring to a party, because you get to share the edibles with your host. The kit contains foie gras mousse, champagne jelly, mini toasts, and a bamboo cutting board. This gift set is quite the bargain, because the items purchased individually would be much more expensive. ($40 @


Mushroom Knife

This notched knife will become an essential kitchen tool for foodies who know that you shouldn’t wash mushrooms (they retain the water and become soggy). The Opinel stainless steel knife features a thin, curved blade which folds away for safe storage and a brush for removing dirt. So well designed it’s available from the Museum of Modern Arts gift shop/ ($30 @


Who Cut the Cheese?

Cow, goat, sheep, fresh, soft, hard…they all have their place in a true cheese-lovers heart, whatever your heart’s desire, put a note in the comments section when ordering and a custom trio, totaling one pound, will be packaged for you. The gift package includes a box of 34 Degree crackers and jar of the company’s fig preserves. ($42 @


Chai Tea Concentrate

For the tea lover, this simple, beautiful bottle is filled with strong, fragrant chai tea by Dona Chai is ready for drinking at a moment’s notice. Flavors of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black peppercorns, lemon, ginger, and black tea brewed extra-strong for clear flavor, either chilled or hot, or mixed with equal parts whole milk for a chai tea latte. Because it’s concentrated, the tea can also be used in baking, the same way one would use vanilla extract. ($24 for two bottles @


Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Sure, everyone’s using Mason jars as cocktail glasses, but how about a 32-ounce cocktail shaker? The jar comes with a three-piece strainer lid. ($29 @


Butch Apron

Nothing says butch more than camo, and this apron is designed for the butch griller. There are pockets to hold condiments, tools and an entire six pack of beer. There’s even a built in bottle opener. ($19.99 @