The nice thing about shopping for foodies is that there’s always a gadget they don’t have. There are so many options at so many price points, that you’re certain to find something that is not only an apropos gift, but that also fits into your budget. Here are some of my favorites this year. Most are available directly from the company listed or from Amazon.

cookie press

A customizable cookie stamp from Uncommon Goods lets your kitchen magician make their mark on the dessert table. Interchangeable letters, numbers, and symbols offer endless possibilities for personalized treats. Made of plastic, silicone and wood for only $15.

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Bear Paws shredder claws easily lift, handle, shred, and cut meats. It is essential for BBQ fans. They can lift out an entire roast pork shoulder and hand pull it in minutes. Ultra-sharp blades and heat resistant, BPA-free nylon handles are melt-proof and dishwasher safe. FDA-approved and heat-resistant up to 475 degrees they run $12.95 a pair.

Sushi bazooka

Roll your own sushi with the easy to use Sushi Bazooka. Place rice on each side of the tube, add fish or vegetables to the center, close and push out a perfect sushi roll each time. This nifty invention by US Top Shop is $12.85 and comes with two pair of chopsticks.


Veggie noodles are the latest craze and your chef can make their own with the Spiralizer by Bitoni USA. The $30 gadget cuts any vegetable into long thin spirals, which can be subbed for traditional pasta, making it great for those on low carb diets.

kinfe sharpener

A chef’s greatest tool is a sharp knife and his (or her) greatest danger is a dull one. The $49 Chef's Choice 4643 ProntoPro Angle Select Diamond Hone 3 Stage manual knife sharpener will more than pay for itself by not having to have knives professionally sharpened. It has slots for both European and Japanese-style knives, as well as a honing slot.

herb scissors 1508879368

Stainless steel scissors make quick work of any herbs that need cutting. Five separate blades can be equipped with covers to get the exact cut a recipe calls for. Most cost less than $10.


Why should your chef haul out the colander when they can easily attach the Snap’N Strain ($8.47) and have perfect pasta every time?


The $17.99 instant-read thermometer from ZoomZam is labeled for meat, but is also helpful in making ice-creams, desserts, cake, cookies, jams, and preserves.


Every chef needs a great grater, but they always take up so much space. A fold flat grater is a great space saver. The model by Joseph Josephs features four stainless steel blade styles for slicing, zesting and grating and includes a plastic case for $38.50. Walmart sells a knock-off version by Smarit, without a case, for $14.98


For your friend that likes to cook and is crazy for rainbow décor, the 10-piece compact mixing bowl, food prep and measuring cup nesting set by Kitchen Winners for $22.99 is the perfect gift. All of the various pieces neatly stack inside one another so they take up barely any space at all. The handles on each item make them easy to carry and while the measuring cups are labeled, the colors are a great way to quickly tell everything apart.