If you’ve got a “foodie” on your list, it can be hard to find something that they don’t already have. Cooks tend to collect more gadgets and special ingredients more often than Joan Rivers got plastic surgery (too soon?) Here are a few things that I bet they haven’t got in their cupboards.

Some Like It Hot

And for them, the Adoboloco hot sauce gift box set is the perfect way to get a taste of three different hot sauces. Build your own three-pack from a choice of mild jalapeno, medium heat Bangkok, hot pineapple or habanero and scorch your mouth Hamajang, smoked ghost pepper sauce. The gift pack includes three five-ounce bottles. $25.99 Adoboloco.com

Bed & Breakfast

This kit of breakfast in a box will be sure to bring a smile. Each box comes wrapped in ribbon with a customized handwritten note. Inside is: Better Than Sex tea from Tay Tea, maple syrup and organic pancake mix from Catskill Provisions and English marmalade from Hillhome Country Products. $50 ManyKitchens.com

Crack is Whack

But Crack pie is equally addictive. With this mix they’ll have everything they need (well, they’ll still need to add butter, egg, heavy cream, and powdered sugar) to make this favorite anytime they start jonesing for a fix! One tin makes one 10″ pie. $16 ShopMilkbar.com

Anita Fixx

Not a drag queen, but what chocoholics say. Satisfy their craving with a library of exotic mini chocolate bars from Vosges. Packaged to look like a box of books the collection includes nine half-ounce bars; coconut ash & banana super dark, pomegranate and goji super dark, guajilo & chipotle chili super dark, macha green tea super dark, Barcelona, caramel toffee, milk chocolate bacon and dark chocolate bacon. $25 VosgesChocolate.com

Bottoms Up

Bottoms and tops who enjoy a good cocktail will appreciate the winter gift box from Brooklyn’s Morris Kitchen, known for its artisanal mixers. The winter trio includes three eight-ounce bottles of ginger syrup, preserved lemon syrup and grenadine syrup and three seasonal cocktail recipe cards. $45 MorrisKitchen.com

In Da House

Why build a gingerbread house when you can simply bake a full-sized house with Sur la Tab’s gingerbread house Nordic Ware bundt cake pan? Turn any cake batter into a delightfully detailed “gingerbread” (no reason it can’t be chocolate) house that begs to be decorated. A nonstick finish ensures complete, easy release (and who doesn’t want a release?) All they need to add is some icing embellishments, candy decorations and a dusting of powdered-sugar snow. The hollow chimney is perfect for candy surprises. $36 Surlatable.com

Pop Your Top

Microwave popcorn is quick and convenient, but filled with calories. With the Lékué Popcorn Maker they just add your popcorn kernels, cover, microwave and serve—all in the same bowl Fresh, healthy, natural popcorn is just 3 minutes away. It collapses for easy storage, is made of BPA-free Silicone and is dishwasher safe. $19.99 BedBathAndBeyond.com

“Family” Dinners

A tasty (and very funny) companion to the popular and multi-award-winning ABC sitcom, The Modern Family Cookbook features 100 “easy-to-make recipes” credited to the show’s wacky and loveable characters (such as Gloria, Mitch, Cam, Phil and Luke), as well as supporting players including Andy and Pepper. Full of color photos, scenes from the series and much more, The Modern Family Cookbook is delish! $29.97 SRP, $18.27 at BooksAMillion.com

Finally, one of my favorite sites, Food52.com, has a great assortment of gadgets, aprons, cookbooks gourmet cooking and baking products.