There are two types of people in this world; people who eat to live and people who live to eat. I am in the latter category, but even I have those days when I get home after running around all day and the last thing I want to do is drag my ass into the kitchen and rattle those pots and pans.

So I end up picking up some fast food on the way home (a waste of money and way too many calories) or, if I’ve got time, stop at the hot bar at Whole Foods (another waste of money and calories). Sometimes we get fancy and order food from our favorite restaurants and have it brought to our house by one of those delivery services; an even bigger waste of money, although the food is better.

The other option is to heat up a microwaveable dinner. Not only are they sodium bombs, and tasteless, but one is not enough for me (and I bet I’m not alone) and two just seems ridiculous. It’s at times like that I wish I could afford a personal chef to cook delicious, restaurant quality meals that I can eat within a few minutes of getting home.

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If you often find yourself in a similar situation, there’s a wonderful alternative to fast food and last minute delivery. Farm to Fork offers restaurant quality chef-prepared meals, delivered to your door. All you need to do is pop the container into the oven for 15 minutes and you have a full entrée, protein and side items ready for you. No dirty pots and pans, not even a dish if you want to eat out of the container (but these meals are so delish, they deserve to be served on a beautiful plate).

Here’s how it works; you simply subscribe to a meal plan; a choice of either two or three meals a day, every weekday. The traditional plan focuses on comfort food combinations. A customizable version allows those ordering to choose preferred combinations of proteins, starches and vegetables from an extensive line up of offerings. 

In either case, the customer can provide a list of restricted items to avoid due to dietary restrictions and personal preferences. Don’t like kale? Just say so and it will never appear in your order. Farm to Fork is also developing a Fit Plan for those with who wish smaller portions or additional protein.

Meals plans are currently priced at $179.50 for 15 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and $129.59 for 10 (lunch and dinner). At first glance that seems awfully pricey, but when you break it down it’s just $11.97 per meal for three meals a day, $12.95 per meal for two. That’s far less than you pay for take-out or delivery of similar quality meals.

My husband and I recently tried a day’s worth of meals. He opted for the vegetarian version, I went with the traditional. First of all, each meal provided so much food, that we ended up with enough for a couple of snacks later in the day. With a couple of exceptions everything was fantastic, and even the things that we didn’t care for, were mostly a matter of personal preferences. Here’s the breakdown of what we sampled.



A vegetable frittata (zucchini, roasted tomato and fresh spinach) served with a side of breakfast potatoes and maple chicken sausage was my introduction to Farm to Fork’s delightful cuisine. The frittata was absolutely light, fluffy and delicious, the potatoes perfectly seasoned and nicely browned. The sausage was a disappointment – I found it lacking in flavor and with a weird texture, but I’m not a fan of chicken sausage to begin with.

Gluten free vegan pancakes, topped with Valencia orange and blueberry jam, won raves from my husband. I found the pancakes a bit on the chewy side — an issue found in many gluten free products. The Valencia orange and blueberry topping added a lot of moisture and flavor.

Both breakfasts came with a side of fruit salad. However, we were so full after the main dishes, that we saved the sizable portions of perfectly ripe fruit for a snack.



My lunch of shrimp was a qualified success; a half dozen blackened colossal shrimp were perfectly seasoned, but ended up a tad over-cooked. Roasted Brussels sprouts and spaghetti squash which subbed for a traditional starch were also delicious. In the future, I would check the shrimp as I was heating up the dish and remove them earlier.

My husband has extensive experience in sampling veggie burgers. He deemed the black bean and poblano version from Farm to Fork among the best he’d ever eaten. His meal provided two burgers over assorted grilled vegetables with a side of heirloom tomato slaw. There were even slices of avocado to top the burgers. He chose to pair the avocado and burgers on buns we had at home.

Each dish came with a side of a pair of moist, flavorful, thumbprint cookies, which we saved for a mid-day snack.



We held our dinners to the next day because we were so full from the meals we’d eaten earlier in the day. Our dinners held up well in the fridge and were just as tasty and fresh the next day.

My meal featured three, thick slices of pork tenderloin. I was surprised at how moist it was, turns out it had been brined for 24 hours before cooking. I’m going to steal this technique the next time I make a pork tenderloin, as it was delicious. The accompanying balsamic onion jam provided additional moisture and a touch of sweetness. The sides of grilled summer squash and wild rice were both perfectly prepared.

I worried that my husband would not like the Asian marinated and grilled tofu that served as his main course, as he usually prefers softer tofu. However, he found that the “steaks” in his dinner combined a firm exterior with nice grill marks with a soft interior making for a delicious bite. The delightfully chewy vegetable quinoa was a hit as well. The kale not so much, but that was more of a personal preference than anything else.

Each dinner came with a chocolate chip bar which provided a nice treat while we binge-watched one of our favorite television shows.

Each entrée is packed in a container that is ready to pop into the oven. If you set the oven at 350°, it will be at the right temp by the time you open a bottle of wine. Pop in your meal (labeled with all the ingredients and signed by the chef who prepared it) and by the time you finish your first glass of wine, you’ll have a restaurant quality meal. And these are meals that deserve to be accompanied by a nice glass of fine wine.

Farm to Fork Meals is the perfect solution for quality-conscious, busy people who want to eat gourmet fresh and healthy food, and don’t want to or have time to prepare their own meals.

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