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A petition is circulating the web to prevent “Frozen’s” Elsa from identifying as a lesbian.

The online petition comes after “Frozen” co-director Jennifer Lee said she was open to exploring other sexualities for Elsa, according to PinkNews. The petition has over 12,000 signatures.

“In recent years Disney has been steadily conforming its children’s programming to the LGBT agenda, and even the original Frozen was hailed by liberal commentators for its subtly pro-gay themes,” the petition states. “From every corner of society, young girls already face confusing and troubling messages about sexuality.”

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This petition is not the first time the movie has drawn opposition to Elsa’s potential sexuality. After #GiveElsaAGirlfriend and #MakeElsaALesbian trended on Twitter in 2016, a CitizenGo petition against making the character's sexuality clear received over 344,000 signatures.

Still, fans remained hopeful.