On December 17, the new independent film Naked as We Came will be available on various digital platforms including Hulu, iTunes, Netflix and others. The film will make it's DVD debut on January 7.

In this age of mega-blockbusters like Man of Steel and The Dark Knight, it's an impressive feat that Naked as We Came got made. Shot on a shoestring budget, the film is set, almost in it's entirety, in an isolated country house and it's surrounding garden. For most of the film, viewers are left alone with four characters. The dialogue heavy story moves slowly.

Writer/director Richard LeMay tells an intense tale about Laura and Elliot (Karmine Alers, Ryan Vigilant) who've come home to see their cancer ridden mother for what might be the last time. Much to their surprise, mom (Lue McWilliams) has asked Ted (Benjamin Weaver), a hunky houseboy, move in with her.

Elliot and Ted are instantly attracted to each other, and soon spend the night together, much to the disgust of Laura, but to mom's delight.

"This may have been a poor choice on my part," Elliot says the following morning.

The film is about mending fences. Years earlier, Lily, the mother, had an affair with a famous politician. "She lied about the baby", we're told, when Lily married her children's long deceased father, whom she didn't love. It was an unhappy household, and Lily neglected her children. All of them have led unhappy lives.

During the final week of her life, Lily tries to mend fences with her children, in the hope that they will find the right path, before it's too late for them as it is for her. It's a time of soul searching, confrontations, and forgiveness. The attraction between Elliot and Ted, who has a few secrets of his own, doesn't fade away easily.

The cast interacts beautifully as the drama takes many unexpected turns. There's humor in scenes where Lily asks her children to share a joint with her. There's tears as each character faces the truth about their lives.

Naked as We Came is proof that a film doesn't need a cast of thousands or an avalanche of computer generated effects in order to fascinate it's audience. Sometimes good actors telling speaking well written lines in a story that we can all relate to on a human level is all that's needed.