This bisexual badass’s sexuality stays hidden thanks to a last-minute cut.

Last month, Valkyrie actress Tessa Thompson told Twitter her “Thor: Ragnarok” character was bisexual, matching the character’s sexuality in the comics. According to Rolling Stone, she encouraged director Taika Waititi to show that off in the film. 

In response, Waititi shot a scene with a woman leaving Valkyrie’s bedroom and reportedly kept it in the film for as long as possible. It was eventually scrapped from the final film because it “distracted from the scene’s vital exposition.”

However, Thompson pointed to moments where Valkyrie’s sexual identity was alluded to. Mild spoilers below.

“There were things that we talked about that we allowed to exist in the characterization, but maybe not be explicit in the film,” Thompson said. “There’s a great shot of me falling back from one of my sisters who’s just been slain. In my mind, that was my lover.”

Though her bisexuality isn’t explicit this time around, Thompson hopes there’s more to come when Valkyrie returns to Marvel films. Rolling Stone hints to rumors of a cameo in next year’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War.”

Valkyrie would have been the first LGBT character from Marvel on the big screen.