(SFGN) JUST GENDER, a new documentary directed by George Zuber and narrated by Emmy award-winning Bebe Neuwirth, will screen across the country in a series of special screenings benefitting local transgender and LGBT organizations, in conjunction with LGBT Pride Month in June.

The series hopes to counteract the ignorance that drives trans-phobic discrimination by putting a human face on the transgender community, according to the press release.

JUST GENDER will screen in 18 cities throughout the United States including Miami.

The documentary combines personal accounts, professional insight and historical perspective to reveal the spectrum of challenges transgender people face on a daily basis. It covers how transgender people deal with societal, medical and financial challenges, to name a few.

The film also asks viewers to consider the gender binary of male and female, and challenges their notions of what it means to be one or the other.

“With Just Gender, we finally have a film that shares more than just one or two personal stories about transgender life,” said Robert Boo, Executive Director of Fort Lauderdale’s Pride Center. “This film covers so much that is essential to understand in so little time.”

JUST GENDER seeks to counteract the ignorance that drives much of the hate focused towards the transgender community. Through educating the general public it can help break down barriers.

To learn more about JUST GENDER, visit www.justgender.com.