Jameela Jamil star of The Good Place” is facing backlash following the announcement of her latest project “Legendary” with HBO’s new streaming service HBO Max.  

Legendary tells the story of modern ball room culture. The backlash began following the announcement Jamil would emcee the show, but she later clarified she would only serve as a judge on the show. Some were still not satisfied saying Jamil does not identify as LGBT, but the actress defended herself by coming out as queer. 

A surprisingly convenient timing for such an announcement. 

This comes days after producer and writer Tracie Morrissey blasted Jamil on her Insta story claiming Jamils stories of cancer, car crashes, being chased by bees, being confined to a wheelchair and other unfortunate events and accidents dont add up. 

Morrissey said originally that the actress suffers from Munchausen syndrome, but later clarified saying she isnt a medical professional, but rather just a nosy lady.