Everyone remembers “First Kiss,” an adorable, heart-throbbing video of strangers meeting and lip-locking as romantic, cutesy music thrummed through the air.

Now, The Gay Women Channel parodies the original vision, which turned out to be a clothing commercial, with its “First Gay Hug (A Homophobic Experiment)” video. The video features homophobic people meeting and embracing gay people.

“How do you kiss another guy? I don’t get it” one of the men in the video asks.

“Uh… the same way you kiss a girl,” the other guy responds.

The video is heartwarming and accurate, despite the fact that the people in it are actors. The lines were unscripted.

“We didn’t just want to do a spoof but do a version that had meaning behind it,” said Sarah Rotella, one of the creators of The Gay Women Channel, in an interview with USA Today.

The video, first posted March 15, now has over 1 million page views.