“The Black Trans Prayer Book” is a collection of stories that emphasizes the healing needs of Black transgender people.

Now, a fundraiser has been launched to turn the book into a documentary.

Black trans people face unprecedented amounts of spiritual, physical, and psychological violence, the book description reads. The book is used as a tool to help uplift Black trans and non-binary people and celebrate their place within the faith.

Organizers created a GoFundMe page to ask people to help fund the movie titled “The Black Trans Prayer Book: A Performative Documentary.” It will explore the lives and spiritual journeys of the contributors to the book — a collaborative text that was co-edited by J Mase III & Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi.

So far they have raised $16,801 out of their $75,000 goal.

To help support the movie, visit their page on GoFundMe.com.