James Franco is producing a film about one of gay porn’s darkest incidents.

Surprise, Surprise.

Franco, whose bizarre cinematic tastes are well documented, is planning to produce a movie about the real life murder of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis. And get this, gay gossip queen Perez Hilton reports Franco is considering fresh face Disney actor Garrett Clayton for a leading role.

Clayton is best known as a cast member on the Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie. He is, reportedly, being considered to play gay porn actor Brent Corrigan in the Kocis biopic.

Kocis, owner of Cobra Video, was brutally murdered in 2007 by two Virginia escorts. The whores slashed Kocis’ throat, nearly decapitating him, stabbed him 28 times and then set his house ablaze. Investigators determined the charred remains were Kocis based on dental records. The whores, whose names Porn Pulse will not mention, are currently serving life in prison with no chance of parole.

The working title for Franco’s flick is “King Cobra” and the 37-year-old actor/director/producer is promising big name talent associated with its production. That list includes Molly Ringwald and Christian Slater. In promotion of the project, Franco took to his Instagram account on Tuesday (Oct. 20), posing shirtless in his Nasty Pig trunks with an unidentified beefy underwear model.